Web Development January 5, 2023


Embarking on this dynamic web development initiative, our goal was to propel Realtecture into the digital forefront, reflecting their mission to transform human habitation across the African continent.


We were tasked with showcasing how realtecture has evolved into a creative powerhouse, committed not just to building structures but crafting environments that foster growth.

  • Strategy

    UI/UX Strategy

  • Design

    Web Development

  • Client

    Realtecture Limited

  • Tags

    Realtecture, Web Dev

Open Project

Key Objectives:

  • Striking Visual Identity: Develop a visually compelling website that captures the essence of Realtecture’s innovative living spaces. The design will convey the startup’s evolution and commitment to creating environments that go beyond mere structures, facilitating a captivating digital introduction for visitors.

  • Responsive Design for Accessibility: Create a user-friendly and responsive website accessible across various devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users on both desktop and mobile platforms. The design will prioritize accessibility to reach a diverse audience across the African continent.
  • Interactive Project Showcase: Implement an interactive project showcase to spotlight Realtecture’s groundbreaking designs and constructions. This section will provide a virtual tour of their innovative living spaces, showcasing the fusion of creativity and functionality that defines their approach.

  • Engaging Storytelling: Weave a narrative into the website that articulates Realtecture’s journey, mission, and the impact they aspire to make in the realm of human habitation. The storytelling element will connect with visitors on a deeper level, conveying the startup’s vision for a transformative future.
  • Seamless Contact and Inquiry Integration: Implement a robust contact and inquiry system to facilitate communication with potential partners, clients, and collaborators. The website will include strategically placed contact forms and clear calls-to-action, fostering meaningful connections.

We successfully elevated Realtecture’s digital presence, showcasing their evolution and commitment to shaping the future of African living spaces online. The website’s design, responsiveness, interactive showcase, and engaging storytelling effectively connected with visitors, highlighting Realtecture’s journey and mission.


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